AI Technology in school

Difference between normal software and AI(artificial intelligence) technology is that AI technology by self
demands the information from the concerned department that is required to follow the
school’s SOP (Standard operating procedures)

3 Light Technology

Green, yellow and red light shows the status of the team's performance. It will auto-monitor your SOPs and show the status accordingly.

Exam Management

Relax! It will plan everything from exam dates, assigning invigilators, question paper preparation, seating arrangement and other 20+ planning involved in the examination management.

Pedagogy Automation

It atomizes the mechanical task involved in following the teacher learning process which further provides more time to the teacher for an explanation.

Question Paper Generator

With the help of AI technology generate the Question paper in few clicks and see the magic of AI-based smart selection of questions.

Adaptive Test

Each child learns at a different pace so this child adapts to the child's level and maps the test accordingly.

AI in Education

Automation through AI is the most advanced technology that automates all your robotic
tasks and gives you the freedom to think about the research and development of your organization.

Reduce 80% of your
routine work

Takes all the follow
up of work