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Take your academics to the next level by PPAP teaching strategies

Ab PPAP teaching method se aapke school ke bache bhi ratt kar nahi padhenge
From now on your students will not learn by heart
but will learn
by heart
Grow your admission by promoting your rote free PPAP academic strategy...
Get complete Academic Automation technology that solves your day to day operational challenges
Get best quality printed worksheet (Chapter’s classnotes and test papers)
  • Quality content designed as per NCERT
  • Proper questions weightage according to bloom's taxonomy and board paper style
  • Point wise answers
  • Briefly covers all the topics and important questions
And get students learning app...
  • NCERT book pdf
  • Digital worksheet
  • Topic wise explanatory video in hindi and english
  • Topic wise animations and reference image for new word
  • Step by step maths solutions
  • Online practice test
And get teachers app
  • Rote free PPAP pedagogy process
  • Topic wise lesson plan guidelines
  • Training modules on capacity building program
And manage your “Question paper, PTM, teachers incentive, students internal marks, academic supervision, parents query, daily reporting” on a single click
And get student's portfolio with deep insight of child's learning outcomes
And get a rote free school certificate
And save 10% or above of your existing operational cost simply by AI automation
Let your dream of making your school different and most reliable come true...
With the help of best In-class Academic strategy, Content, technology and training from Nursery to Grade XII

Our rote-free learning package

Includes 19 products and services that empower your school and let you stand out
of the by bringing rote free education

For Student's


Classnotes / practice worksheet

  • Best in class content designed as per NCERT
  • Proper questions weightage according to bloom's taxonomy and board paper style
  • Rich and error free content covering all the topics, value based questions and hot questions
  • Simple language easy to understand
  • Point wise answers
  • Briefly covers all the topics and important questions
  • Build your brand!! By maintaining complete standardization on content quality throughout the year
  • And stop parents complain for
    • Mistakes in content
    • Correction errors
    • Teachers shuffling
Sample Worksheet

Student App

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Learn feature
  • Can learn the chapter with English and Hindi explanatory video
  • Gets concept animated videos
  • Get maths step by step solution video
  • Gets images for the new words
  • Gets activity video
  • Gets Chapter summary
  • It checks pre knowledge of the students
  • It’s analysis guide teacher to plan the lesson according to the level of students
  • Test makes student to read the chapter before coming to the classroom
Post test
  • It helps to accurately measure the learning outcome
  • It’s analysis guide teacher to plan the counselling session and practice worksheet accordingly
  • Builds presentation skill, English speaking skill and team work
  • Builds student’s confidence
Student App

For Teacher's


PPAP Pedagogy
Lesson Plan

Teacher App

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Rotefree PPAP pedagogy
  • Pretest:Teacher can conduct pretest and view its analysis to understand the lesson planning
  • Presentation: Teacher can access all the digital learning content for easy explanation to the students
  • Activity: Teacher can conduct activity, add marks, click video and send to the parents
  • Post test: Teacher can check the learning outcome after presentation completion
Lesson plan
  • Teachers can plan and access well researched lesson plan

Question paper

Question paper generator

Click here to check live app
  • Generate question paper on a clicks
  • Get unlimited questions with solution in question bank
  • Teacher can add or edit questions
  • 35+ question types
  • Teacher can also
    • Add chapters weightage
    • Add optional questions
    • Add ‘OR’ question
    • Divide question paper into sections
    • Type instruction
    • Print answer key
  • Get question paper with school name

Student portfolio

Students portfolio

  • Shows childs deep learning insight
  • Helps school to guide the students
  • Impress parent with detail analysis

365 days
training support

365 days training support

  • For any query we are just a call away
  • Get 365 days training support

Smart class content

Smart class content

  • Get classroom app to show digital content in your classroom TV/Projector

Internal marks

Internal marks

  • System will automatically judge the internal marks as per students performance in internal tests and activity
  • Students gets more active with the live internal marks

For Management


School report

School report

  • Check teachers performance analysis
  • Check class wise students performance
  • Check parents query

3 Light

3 light Monitoring mechanism

  • It enables your school to run on auto pilot mode
  • System will be in green light for optimum performance
  • If any teacher or students breaks the performance criteria it will immediate signal you with red light


Incentive mechanism

  • Now take no burden of following up of teachers work
  • And don’t lose the good teacher with the help of data driven Incentive
  • It will share the exact amount of incentives that should be given to the respective teachers
  • 100% fair judgement

Auto Substitution



PTM management

  • Remind parents for PTM
  • It takes attendance
  • It takes parents feedback
  • AI prepares the report for most repeating parents query
  • AI also share the list of parents that are satisfied or unsatisfied

Daily reporting
to principal

Daily reporting to principal

  • Now by the day end get the precise information about the school

Parents query

Parents query management

  • Parents can directly chat with the teachers and close the query if it is solved
  • Unsolved query pending for certain time limits will directly be reported to you


Auto supervision

  • System automatically check the teaching speed, parents feedback and all the work that is done by the supervisor
  • Give accurate supervision report all the time
  • Save the salary cost for the supervisors

School rote free

Rote free school certificate

  • Company will issue the rote free certificate after successful execution of the PPAP rotefree pedagogy
  • After this certificate you can promote your school as a rote free school

Admission growth

Admission growth assistance

  • Get a video shoot of your PPAP rotefree pedagogy
  • Show your school’s academic strategy to your inquiry parents
  • And get higher admission conversion rate

Price..??It's Unimaginable.. Unbeatable..

Share happiness

Happiness is what will keep your stakeholder healthy and attached, see why
your stakeholders will be happy from now on


As they get burden free and can spent more time on teaching


They enjoy pre test and post test as game and activity makes them inquisitive and PPAP process makes learning interesting


Can see the visible learning outcome and continuous progress in child

School Heads

Authority can precisely track the teaching learning outcome on single click, transparency in system bring better learning outcome

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