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The impact of our work has been far-reaching. We have helped improve the learning outcomes of 10 lakh + students, positively impacted the lives of 20 thousand+ teachers, and saved 25 lakh+ hours of operational work for teachers across 22 states in India. This has enabled teachers to focus more on teaching and learning activities instead of administrative tasks.
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Find answers to your queries and discover how we can support your educational journey.
What is Saarthi Pedagogy and what does it offer?
Saarthi Pedagogy is an Ed-tech company that offers a range of services and resources to enhance teaching and learning. Our offerings include NEP (National Education Policy) mapped textbooks, STEAM experiential learning kits, and an AI-backed Learning Management System (LMS).
What is the teaching approach followed by Saarthi Pedagogy?
Saarthi Pedagogy follows a student-centered teaching approach that emphasizes personalized learning, hands-on experiences, and the integration of innovative teaching methodologies.
How is the progress tracked and evaluated at Saarthi Pedagogy?
At Saarthi Pedagogy, we utilize our AI-backed Learning Management System (LMS) to track and evaluate student progress. Our LMS collects data and provides insights on student performance, engagement, and learning outcomes, allowing us to monitor individual progress and provide personalized support.
Who can benefit from Saarthi Pedagogy's services?
Saarthi Pedagogy's services benefit students, teachers, and school management alike.
How can educational institutions partner with Saarthi Pedagogy?
Educational institutions can partner with Saarthi Pedagogy by contacting our team to discuss potential collaborations. We offer a range of services, including curriculum support, professional development programs, technology integration, and educational consulting, tailored to meet the specific needs of each institution.
Does Saarthi Pedagogy offer consultations or workshops for educators?
Yes, Saarthi Pedagogy offers consultations and workshops for educators through our Saarthi Teacher Professional Development Programme.
How can I stay updated with the latest news and developments from Saarthi Pedagogy?
To stay updated with the latest news and developments from Saarthi Pedagogy, you can visit our website and explore our News or Blog section. You can also follow us on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook where we regularly share updates, announcements, and educational insights.